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The fact is that if we could pinpoint a place where we get the best return on our dollar, then everybody would be rich.  It just doesn’t work that way.  There has been great pressure brought on marketers to validate their existence and their corresponding marketing investments.  However, that is not how you successfully build a relationship with the market.  It takes an integrated effort across all kinds of platforms and that is what we do for our clients.  Design and substance are at the core of what we provide.  We grab your clients’ attention with great design and we hold it by telling them stories that are about them or people who look just like them.


Implementing some science into your marketing can provide some great insight, but it will never replace the art that comes with building a relationship.  Your brand- whether it is personal or corporate – is everything.  Marketing is about building a relationship and relationships are how business gets done.  Even more so today believe it or not.  We count on the people closest to us to influence our buying.  So, anyone who is not close to us is out.  Brand equity equals closeness.


First impressions are incredibly important.  They always have been, but in a world where we can digest gobs of messages at one time, it is even more critical.  So, when people meet with you for the first time, remember they’re making the same snap decisions and judgments.  If you can’t grab their attention right away, then you will never hold their attention.  So think of your first impression like the cover of a magazine.  They won’t open a magazine unless they identify with it.  So, they must see themselves in you.  Or more importantly, they must see who they aspire to be in you.



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Who We Stand For

We are defined by our clients.  We run in their circles and they run in ours.  In other words, we all define ourselves succinctly.  We may be fathers, mothers, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and weekend athletes.  Whatever our roles may be, we only have room for a handful of them.  In turn, what we read, wear, buy, drive, and who we hang out with are all a derivative of that definition.  So, anyone who is outside of our world is going to have a very difficult time getting in.  We stand for the people who understand that getting into those circles is critical yet difficult.


So it follows, that we cannot be everything to everyone.  Technology has empowered buyers to DVR their way through life.  This means that developing sincere and meaningful relationships is paramount.  We do that for our clients and we do it across all platforms: print, digital, and social.


We are marketing minds and we believe that content and design are the cornerstones to building great relationships.  Specifically, we stand for people who are fully committed to marketing and understand that building a relationship with specifically defined markets is the only long term sustainable advantage.



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