Association for Printing Technologies

Reinventing a Longstanding Association


APTech has long been an owner of the largest graphic arts show in the country. Multiple factors have lead to the reduction of sponsorship and lower revenue. In turn, the value of membership was being questioned and the overall sustainability of the association was in question.


APTech’s leaders were passionate about the printing industry and determined to bring value to their members. They realized they could not do it through the same means and turned to us to script a new path. Through surveys and interviews, it was determined that the biggest need for the printing membership was new business. They wanted APTech to be a conduit to new relationships and new opportunities.

We proposed marrying APTech’s event management expertise with our content creation expertise to build community with specific niche verticals. We launched a content platform for higher education marketers spearheaded by EDgage magazine and EDgage Live. The platform allows the printing membership to connect directly with new potential clients within the higher education market and educates them on the marketing services available to them.

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