Inspiring the Ultimate Eye Doctor Community


With over 2,000 members and a variety of big brand vendors, IDOC was faced with the task of simultaneously providing value and promoting solutions. The members wanted more than just the power of a buying group and the vendors wanted access to the eye doctors in a non-invasive platform.


The leadership at IDOC was interested in using content to engage with their community, but they had concerns about the value of the channels. They have discovered that social networks were not necessarily where ODs were spending time and they wanted something that would have some staying power.

We proposed a quarterly magazine, appropriately named The Quarterly, to both IDOC and their vendor partners. The idea was to use organic content and native advertising in the form of spotlights to enlighten and update the members on vendor solutions.

IDOC | The Quarterly


IDOC | The Quarterly May 2016
IDOC | The Quarterly Q1 2017
IDOC | The Quarterly 2017 Hermes Awards Gold
IDOC | The Quarterly Q2 2018
Conduit, Inc. | The Quarterly 2019 Marcom Gold Award Winner