Convertible Solutions

Specifying Substrates as
Part of the Design


Convertible Solutions is a dynamic manufacturer and converter of cool substrates. Their products not only enhance the impact of a piece, they enhance the message. They have a great relationship with the print industry and their products are well known. However, they wanted to build a community with creative agencies and designers in order to have their products specified as part of the design. In addition, they don’t have a large sales force and needed to expand their reach. A relationship with creatives would spark sales and great collaborative opportunities.


The executive team at Convertible Solutions is very progressive in its thinking. Their products reflect that thought process but they wanted to be more innovative with regards to connecting with the market. They had to utilize a new connection device and it was clear that a robust content platform was in order.

We mocked up some ideas and a recipe that would resonate with creatives minds and consulted with their sales team to fine-tune the program and get their buy-in. Sales and marketing—specifically in a content program—need to be in lockstep. We wanted the sales team to help in sourcing interviews and the delivery of the end product. The resulting program, Paperbilities,​ has received overwhelming support and lead to amazing new collaborative efforts. It includes a quarterly magazine, a monthly email and a dedicated website.


Convertible Solutions | Paperbilities Magazine


Conduit, Inc. | Convertible Solutions Paperbilities
Conduit, Inc. | Convertible Solutions Paperbilities
Conduit, Inc. | Convertible Solutions Paperbilities