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Conduit, Inc. | Salt of The Earth

Salt of the Earth

I’ve had my share of prideful moments. I’m not referencing the kind of joy and pleasure that come from hard work and accomplishment. No, I’m talking about the prideful moments where I compared myself to others, self-promoted my loved ones to make myself feel better and put others down to falsely prop myself up.

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Conduit, Inc. | Be Where You Are

Be Where You Are

There was a commercial in recent years where a father took his kid out camping and the kid’s eyes didn’t leave his device. The gist of the message is that the kid is missing out on the world and that he should simply pick his head up and look.

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Conduit, Inc. | Observation


A few months ago, my family and I visited my mother in my hometown. One day, after running some errands, I returned to the house and plopped down on the couch next to my son. And, without hesitation, he launched into a long-winded monologue about a new game he had on his iPad. After a few minutes of listening to every painstaking detail about the game, I told him to put down the device and jump in my truck. He eagerly put the iPad down and seemed energized to spend some time with dear old Dad.

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Conduit, Inc. | Not Yet

Not Yet

In her book, “Mindset,” best-selling author Carol Dweck does a remarkable job of providing empirical research about the two kinds of mindsets – growth and fixed.

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Conduit, Inc. | Safety First

Safety First

Have you ever noticed how experiences are always enriched with loved ones? Travel, for example, can be mind-numbing and full of angst when you are alone. But, go anywhere with a significant other or your family and the whole vibe changes.

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Conduit, Inc. | Beyond Ourselves

Beyond Ourselves

We live in an unsettled world where it seems the only thing we can count on is that it will be unsettled for the foreseeable future. The devices we buy and the products we produce have very limited shelf-lives. So, unless you hit the lottery or come up with today’s “must have” gadget, you’re saddled with slogging it out over time.

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Conduit, Inc. | Shift Happens

Shift Happens

Shift happens. There have been four economies in the history of the world – hunting and gathering, the Agricultural Age, the Industrial Age, and the current economy (shall we call it the Tech Age?)

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Conduit, Inc. | Nurturing Sales

Nurturing Sales

B2B sales and marketing is in the midst of a seismic shift. The engagement mechanism that has been used over the course of time is not as well received in the new landscape. Consider the research that shows today’s business buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 70-plus percent of the purchase process is complete.

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Conduit, Inc. | Your Story

Your Story

Experience matters. I don’t mean chronological age type of stuff and I am definitely not referring to the kind that you get from a YouTube video or a Google search. I mean that real experience matters; the kind that you can smell, touch, taste, and see. I’m talking about the kind of experience that comes with getting off the couch and engaging the world.

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