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Out of the Bottle

Out of the Bottle

In one of my recent podcasts, I had the pleasure to talk with Michelle Seiler Tucker, author of "Exit Rich" and founder of Seiler Tucker Inc. We discussed the mindset required to build a business worth selling but it was a little expression she shared that impacted me the most. In an effort to explain the difference between working in the business versus working on the business, she said “it is hard to read the label from inside the bottle."

Right now, we are lost and we need to be found. The ugliness of the past several months should go away and we must find the beauty within us. And in order to rediscover what makes us human, we must step outside ourselves and address what has us bottled up.

If you haven’t seen the documentary “The Social Dilemma” then I suggest you give it a look. The idea that our digital addiction is crushing our souls and tearing us apart is both scary and very real. It reminds us that controlling our own narrative, using our independent will, and engaging the senses that make us human are all critical right now.

The promise of technology and social networks to keep us connected has resulted in some unintended issues that are catching up with us. If we can’t address our brokenness and free us from the digital clutches we’ll never be able to address the challenges that are crippling humanity.

It seems to me that people are just so angry. Like can’t-see-straight angry. Every conspiracy theory is explored while people gather with like-minded individuals to validate their anger. In turn we spend so many waking moments swiping and refreshing the same old mindless stuff.

In order for the ugliness to stop, we must realize that 2020 is not a cause but a symptom. It is a lot like smoking. Maybe it seems cool in the moment but years later you have damaged your lungs and your face looks like an old catcher’s mitt. The magnetic pull of the digital channels may seem compelling in the moment but they are breaking us down bit by bit—or should I say byte by byte.

Look, our kids are growing up in a world that is desensitized to sex, violence and drugs. And worse, they have no sense of themselves. Many of us are losing the essence of who we were and our kids are never getting the chance to discover who they could be. The epidemic has simply overwhelmed us.

Kindness and boredom offer us a chance out. No matter what has occurred, no matter how much anger or frustration you have, it doesn’t mean we can’t make change. So, be kind to yourself by being kind to others. Stop worrying about politics and stop worrying about being right.

We are in trouble and we need to use our willpower to take our lives back. We must let go of the narratives that we cannot control. And we most certainly need to let go of the manipulative digital world. In turn, it is time to choose kindness over anger and frustration because kindness matters the most.

And we need to allow ourselves to be bored without reaching for the digital pacifier. We can go outside and run around. We can read printed books. And we can shut up, calm down and choose joy. Despite sounding easy, it is remarkably hard to let go.

Our freedom comes from within and it means you must not read the label from within the bottle. Maybe, just maybe, it is time to stop worrying about what others are doing, focus on your own creativity and serve others with joy in your heart.

Life is just too short. So be kind for crying out loud. And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, it is time to go cold turkey on the digital addiction and find the best version of yourself.

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