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Conduit, Inc. | Shedding Our Skins

Shedding Our Skins

David Brooks, author and columnist, talks a great deal about a moral ecology in the world. Specifically, he believes that the conscious ideas and values are what shape us. Whether it be the rewards we seek or the peers we hang out with, much of who we are is based on the narrative of the environment rather than something deep within us.

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Conduit, Inc. | Rediscover You

Rediscover You

I am a little concerned that we’ve lost ourselves. Or maybe it is better put that we have buried ourselves so that nobody sees who we truly are. What I am trying to say is that we tend to view success largely based on superficial stuff and on-the-surface measurements. Money and fame and any other detail that is the narrative of society at large seems to be our focus. As time passes, I can’t help but think that real success is more about the inner mind, our unconscious reality, our intuitions and our character.

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Conduit, Inc. | The Twenty

The Twenty

The Pareto principle—or 80/20 rule—asserts that a small amount of input or effort leads to the majority of results. So, most companies understand that 80% of their profits or revenue are generated by 20% of their clients. It also holds that a smaller amount of employees carry the larger burden for progress. The moral to the story for any business, organization or team would be to nurture and mimic the few—The Twenty—that get it right and then try to share it with others and multiply the effect.

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Conduit, Inc. | Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Ignorance is not always blissful. I, for one, think that we could use a healthy dose of ignorance. I don’t subscribe to the need to know every little thing that happens in the world at a moment’s notice. In fact, if you turned off all of the digital noise for a couple of days, I suspect you would still know if anything really important occurred. Since when did it become everybody’s business to know everybody else’s business? It just seems like we simply know too much . And yet it is possible that we are more ignorant than we have ever been.

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Conduit, Inc. | Ready to Fly

Ready to Fly

We are hearing a great deal about cancel culture these days. I hate that people are trying to cancel others. And while there may be some legitimate reasons in some cases, my hope is that kindness becomes the new order of the day. The world may have changed forever due to this pandemic and we really don’t have a clear picture of how things will look. We can, however, choose to see things in a more creative way.

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Conduit, Inc. | The Best Year

The Best Year

I’m not interested in writing about what a tough year this has been. There is too much “I can’t wait until 2020 is over” going on these days. The bottom line is that the turn of the year will not magically wipe away the virus or the political angst that has weighed us all down. We cannot simply flip a switch to happiness and joy.

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Conduit, Inc. | Out of the Bottle

Out of the Bottle

In one of my recent podcasts, I had the pleasure to talk with Michelle Seiler Tucker, author of “Exit Rich” and founder of Seiler Tucker Inc. We discussed the mindset required to build a business worth selling but it was a little expression she shared that impacted me the most. In an effort to explain the difference between working in the business versus working on the business, she said “it is hard to read the label from inside the bottle.”

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Conduit, Inc. | Lighten Up

Lighten Up

This pandemic sure has been a lot of fun, huh? It feels like we have been held hostage in our own homes and waterboarded with the negativity and venom spewing from every device. The heaviness of the moment is enough to crush our souls and destroy our resolve.

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Conduit, Inc. | Mamba Mentality

Mamba Mentality

Note: I wrote this several months ago after Kobe Bryant’s death. The pandemic has taken a great many things away from us, including my ability to share these thoughts with you, but it cannot take away our independent will.

To be great at anything, it takes a remarkable amount of sacrifice and indescribable determination. In turn, the one unique gift that we all have is our independent will. We are not our emotions and we have the ability to choose our response in any situation. In fact, we have the ability to choose how we spend our time each and every day.

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Conduit, Inc. | Cut the Cord

Cut the Cord

Over the years, we have written a great deal about engagement. We talked about how to engage with your clients and your community. But, maybe it is time to step back and disengage in order to re-engage our senses. In other words, we may want to let go in order to regain both our sanity and our humanness.

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