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Rediscover You

Rediscover You

I am a little concerned that we've lost ourselves. Or maybe it is better put that we have buried ourselves so that nobody sees who we truly are. What I am trying to say is that we tend to view success largely based on superficial stuff and on-the-surface measurements. Money and fame and any other detail that is the narrative of society at large seems to be our focus. As time passes, I can't help but think that real success is more about the inner mind, our unconscious reality, our intuitions and our character.

If the study of the conscious mind underscores the importance of reason and analysis, then research into the unconscious mind reminds us of the importance of our passions and perception. The outer mind tends to be focused on our power as individuals, but the inner mind reflects a deeper meaning to our relationships. On the outside we crave status, money and fame. But inwardly, I honestly still believe that we covet harmony and engagement. We all relish the times when we have been able to let go of what others think and just get lost in an endeavor or the love of someone else.

This period of time feels off. Self image has fast become a derivation of the antiseptic digital world. People are defining themselves by, of all things, a political affiliation. And there seems to be a great deal of angst overall. But, I still have hope that we all can rediscover ourselves by trying to tap into our subconscious and reconnect with who we really are. The bottom line is the unconscious parts of our minds are where decisions get made and real success occurs when you are able to satisfy the underlying emotions from the unconscious.

I have been consumed by the thoughts of who we are. I see moments of anxiety from all of us and I am reminded that we are a product of the company we keep. In other words, we really do start to take on the characteristics of the people we hang out with the most. In turn, if you are spending all your time alone, then you are closing yourself off to new ideas, other opinions and new horizons.

Our conscious mind drives so much of what we do, how we spend our time, and who we spend time with. In addition, our culture is remarkably focused on developing the skills needed for superficial success, while failing to develop the moral and emotional faculties down below. We tell our kids to get the grades. Heck, we even help them get their work done in order to make the grade. Yet the most important decisions in our life emanate from something inside us. We are really good at talking about material incentives but really bad at talking about emotions and intuitions. We are good at teaching technical skills but we are lacking a detailed conversation about character.

And when I think about marketing and sales engagement at this time, I am reminded that people buy on emotion. No matter what the stats show, they are still going to buy on an unconscious level. No matter how elaborate the algorithm, we are still driven by the unconscious parts of our minds.

Inside of us all lies emotion, intuition and sensitivity. And while making conscious choices in life is part of surviving in this landscape, tapping into our unconscious mind is where real strength, creativity, and happiness exist. Deep down, we want to reach outward and connect. We want to feel a part of work, friends, family and country. We deserve the chance to rediscover ourselves. So let’s take it.

Mark Potter

Mark Potter

Founder / Consultant

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