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Thinking of you

Thinking of you

Here at Conduit Inc., we are thinking of you. The anxiety each of us feels now for both our physical and economic well-being is real. But we still believe this is a time to shine. Courage is not the absence of fear, but feeling the fear and moving forward anyway. This is the time to let the best of ourselves emerge.

You all have crisis management plans and safety guidelines for your family and business. We are not experts in these guidelines, but we will continue to pray and support you with the type of content that keeps you motivated. We are open for business and willing to discuss how to best serve. Our team is working remotely and feverishly.

There is hope that not only will demand come back, but that new opportunities will abound in how we conduct business, source products and educate our people. Like every business, we are evaluating our options for operating at a reduced cost basis in order to persevere in this temporary landscape. We are trying to make the best decisions we can with our team and our customers.

What I do know is that good decisions are never made from emotions. In fact, emotions can cloud our judgement in the short-term, causing us to miss the chance to build trust that will endure.

We believe that marketing minds are more critical than ever as we reignite growth and recovery of the lost economic value and financial stability we have enjoyed for some time. As we have said in the past, the way we interact and engage with clients has been changing for years. This situation will highlight and advance opportunities for new models.

Be safe and please continue to be resilient in the face of this challenge. There is a happier place on the other side of this. We need to keep that in our hearts each day as we battle this virus and head into new economic hurdles.

Warmest regards,

Mark Potter

Mark Potter

Founder / Consultant

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