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Conduit, Inc. | A Time to Dream

A Time to Dream

I once visited my brother in Florida and he showed me a row of mind-blowing oceanfront mansions. Appropriately named “The Miracle Mile,” these homes had guest homes that had guest homes. They had multi-million dollar boats, infinity pools and lavish landscapes. These were clearly the homes of the rich and famous.

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Conduit, Inc. | See The Light

See The Light

What an amazing time this has been. Without question, it is one of the most confusing, nerve-racking and frustrating times in modern history. As a result, there has been a never-ending deluge of content around short term tactics like crisis management and home office efficiency. And while it is critical to get things done in the moment, this time should also offer us a chance to reflect and determine what our strategy will be for the future.

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Conduit, Inc. | Muslces Waning

Waning Muscles

Over the past month, there has been an endless deluge of blog posts, video messages and podcasts discussing crisis management due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while I am just as nervous about this pandemic as most, I have been thinking that there’s a bigger epidemic at play. I wonder if maybe we’ve been off track for a good long while.

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Conduit, Inc. | Thinking of You

Thinking of you

Here at Conduit Inc., we are thinking of you. The anxiety each of us feels now for both our physical and economic well-being is real.

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Conduit, Inc. | Shoe On The Other Foot

Shoe on the other foot

My grandfather, a Methodist minister, was a remarkable man. The son of the revolution and missionary in the Philippines, he survived the Great Depression and

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Conduit, Inc. | Innovation Is Not Enough

Innovation is NOT enough

If companies embrace a resource-centric strategy, business will ultimately stall. You cannot reignite growth by innovating more around those same resources. Sure, it is easy

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I Dunno

A long time ago I was at a gathering and people started talking about political topics and people I had no clue about. At some point, the seemingly smartest guy in the room looked at me as if to make sure I understood and agreed. I pursed my lips, squinted my eyes and gave him a reassuring nod. I literally had no idea what they were talking about.

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Now Hear This

Now Hear This

Just about every issue that crops up in business boils down to communication. Lack of communication, miscommunication and over-communication are all at the heart of any challenge that arises. So if that is the issue, why in the hell don’t we work harder on communicating?

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Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense

In his new book, “Alchemy,” Rory Sutherland states that “the problem that bedevils organizations once they reach a certain size is that narrow, conventional logic is the natural mode of thinking for the risk-averse bureaucrat or executive. There is a simple reason for this: you can never be fired for being logical. If your reasoning is sound and unimaginative, even if you fail, it is unlikely you will attract much blame. It is much easier to be fired for being illogical than it is for being unimaginative. The fatal issue is that logic always gets you to exactly the same place as your competitors.”

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